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App Marketing Strategies

The evolution of mobile apps continues to roll on. As apps move away from being standalone platforms and are integrated into comprehensive mobile strategies, many companies are re-thinking the reasons they started their mobile development journey in the first place.. It is no longer acceptable to have an app (or series of apps) simply for the sake of having it. Mobile’s tremendous impact has been recognized, and we have begun to evaluate it as an essential part of the business, but we must also reassess how we market our apps.. In the past, most companies developed their app (usually by hiring a mobile developer, used a simple DIY app maker, or learned how to build an app internally) and then promoted it through traditional marketing channels. However, now that the mobile “trend” has exploded into this whole new battleground for companies to scrap over, this approach no longer works. Instead, the organizations with the most successful apps are the ones that are willing to put serious resources into marketing their apps (sometimes aggressively so), in order to get that mobile app into the hands of their customers.

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Coming up with a mobile strategy for any company, big or small, is a daunting task. There are so many considerations to take into account, so many people that need to be involved, and so much complexity. This article, however, will show you step by step how to end up with an actual mobile strategy.

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To expect any strategist to simply outline a plan that is specific to mobile is unrealistic. A mobile strategy does not exist in a vacuum. It is not its own separate silo. It is not an extension of a company’s online strategy. And it is certainly not “something we have to create because our competitors have one.”

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The company strategy will drive your overall mobile strategy. In order to come up with the necessary information that will allow you to define your mobile strategy you need to understand and document where your company is, where your leaders want it to be, the market conditions it operates in, the strongest competitors, the customer journey, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats your company is facing, as well as how mobile as a touchpoint can become an asset to the company. The importance of this initial phase in the overall process of defining a mobile strategy cannot be overstated. It is the foundational element for your division to be successful.

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